ShareYousee : le tour du monde de l’économie collaborative

Suivez mon voyage autour du monde à la rencontre des acteurs et des entrepreneurs de la nouvelle économie collaborative.



Les entreprises et les gouvernements font face à d’énormes problèmes et comprennent que nous arrivons au bout de notre modèle économique.

Les médias sociaux et les nouveaux modèles collaboratifs sont entrain de bousculer les modèles existants. Ils créent des opportunités et apportent des solutions.

J’ai décidé de réaliser un tour du monde et d’aller à la rencontre des personnes qui participent au développement de ces nouveaux modèles (consommateurs et acteurs).

Le blog ShareYousee sera le prolongement de ce voyage. Il s’agit d’un moyen de partager les expériences, informations et réflexions que m’apporteront mes différentes rencontres.

Ce blog s’adresse aux personnes sensibles à ces changements, mais qui ne sont pas encore forcément convaincues. Mon objectif est de vivre de multiples expériences (co-working, co-habitation, co-élaboration…) et de montrer que cela marche.

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3 days at the OuiShare Fest

If OuiShare Fest was a cake, no doubt that he would be made with « smarties » of all colors.


Because this is what I lived for three days, a variety of sweets, each color as good as the other.

OuiShare team managed to gather major actors in the collaborative economy in the world, to testify about their experience in various topics.

The place selected, wild cabaret in the « Parc de la Villette » was unusual and strengthened this feeling of living a different and privileged moment.


I take me back all energy emanated from OuiShare’s team (Yaoouh!) and all attendees.

I loved the speech of spanish speakers who are proactive, innovative and hyper realistic about obstacles they face.

« How to develop a relationship based on trust in a society that lost all confidence in the system and increased its distrust of the other »

I liked the wish expressed many times that collaborative economy is a cool thing for cool people, and the challenge is to make it as a normal thing for normal people.

I liked that the most popular collaborative websites explain their success is due to word of mouth and meetings in real life are key to their growth. People need to see that behind a site, it’s not just engineers, but people who have passions.

I liked experience and data shared by co-working spaces, crowdfunding sites, and ridesharing sites …

I liked to find in speeches of entrepreneurs and actors of sharing economy, a common philosophy.

I liked many other things, the list is large.

Finally, I loved being around « graceful » people, which not claim to provide a solution to all the ills of society, but to participate at their level to change the world.

Thank you to all the OuiShare’s team for organizing this event exciting, enriching and stimulating. It gives me wings …